Who wants a shiny, up to date website?

11 September 2021

Me, for one!

If you take a look at our home page, you will see some rather tired and out of date content, along with more topical items.

As I add new content to the website, this automatically updates the home page. The problem we have is that new content is not added evenly across all sections of the website: so, for example you will see that currently the Economics and Local Trade and Energy sections are especially in need of refreshing.

I would love to have some contributers to help with this. If you have a particular interest which falls approximately under any of the headings on the home page and would like to submit some content, that would be great. It doesn't matter whether you submit on a 'one off' basis, or would like to do so recurrently.

You don't need to get involved in the website, all I need is text to work with.

Drop me an email if interested.

John Craythorne