Energy Crossroads

Tiroir A Films


DVD cover for "Energy Crossroads"

"In a society where most people take energy for granted and assume life will go on just as it is, this film is a cold shower of fact.

For many of us, energy is something we wish we had more of, drained of it as we might be at the end of a long day. But the energy that lights and heats our homes and powers our TV, refrigerator and air conditioner, that helps grow and transport our foods, and that lets us drive to work or bring the kids home from school, that energy remains far in the shadows. Since it's just "there", we give it little if any thought.

Energy Crossroads looks deeply and objectively at our use of, and dependence on, energy. It traces the history of our society since the Industrial Revolution and makes very clear that without cheap energy--primarily petroleum over the last 100 years--our society, and the industrialized society worldwide, could never have existed. It asks the question where do we go from here?''