Climate Change for Football Fans

James Atkins


This is a very readable (especially if you like soccer) book on climate change. It explains every aspect of climate change in very understandable terms and is up to date on all the latest facts and figures.

The book makes many comparisons between football and climate change to put our current plight into perspective for the football fan. For instance the attempt at getting the Copenhagen agreement in place between 190 nations was compared with all the football league teams playing each other at the same time on the same pitch. In other words there was never any chance of a binding agreement happening.

The book explains why preventing climate change is more a social and a political problem than a technological one, and how the need to change our lifestyle makes finding a solution very difficult.

I certainly found it very interesting and found the summary pages at the end, which captured the essence of the climate change arguments without all the footy, very useful.. I also learned a lot about Burnley FC which goes to show that what this book is about is explaining in an engaging way a difficult subject like climate change to people who would normally be bored by the subject.

I will be offering my copy of this book to my footy friends at Tiverton Town.

It is published by UIT Cambridge ISBN 978-1-906860-35-6

Charles Mossman.