Crediton Town Council: Climate Change and Sustainability Sub-Committee

Sustainable Crediton is taking part in the new Climate Change and Sustainability Sub-Committee meetings. To date the main work has been to set the committee up, subject to the legalities town councils are required to observe. Voting members will be five councillors and up to six members from the public to represent sections of the town. So far Sustainable Crediton, Extinction Rebellion Crediton and the Chamber of Trade have agreed to take part and will have a vote, though anyone will be welcome to attend meetings.

This is a slow process but once the sub-committee is in place, it is hoped progress will speed up. The general feeling was to make Crediton and its Town Council one of the greenest. CCSS aims to work through next year towards meeting this aim and the wider target for reducing effects on Climate Change by 2030 agreed earlier in the year for both the Town Council itself and encouraging residents to make changes.

A task group has already started on working on two events to be held early in the New Year to widen participation and an initial event to start our journey off. A draft strategy document has been produced for discussion. Minutes of the meetings can be found on the Town Council Website.

Date of next meeting at Old Landscore School: Monday 13th January 7pm, "Bring a friend!"

The January meeting will be a meeting with displays/presentations and where the public could come along and discover what CCSS is up to and to interact. It will also have to finish deciding the final voting members of the sub -committee and agree a schedule of meetings for the rest of the year.

Rather disappointingly, there appears to be no mention so far of any of the above on the Town Council's website.