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REAL Devon Update

13 December 2016

Sustainable Crediton are a member of the Local Action Group for the LEADER programme run by REAL Devon. As part of the executive group we are responsible for assessing & approving applications for the LEADER grants programme, which is funded by the EU.

For most of this past year we have been unable to publicise the programme due to various political activities (including local elections, the EU Referendum and the subsequent implications of Brexit) during which we were subject to "purdah" (a process whereby government agencies are prevented from making announcements which might influence how people might vote).

In spite of these problems we feel we have made real (excuse the pun!) progress this year. We have awarded over £110,000 to 12 local businesses & agricultural enterprises which will in turn create 18.5 new jobs for local people!

LEADER funding was also temporarily closed whilst the Treasury decided on the future of European Funding.

Thankfully the Treasury has agreed that LEADER funding will continue until we exit the EU!

We are extremely pleased that we will be able to continue to allocate this funding to projects in the REAL Devon area.

  • Priority 1 Support to increase farm productivity
  • Priority 3 Support for rural tourism.
  • Priority 2 Support for micro and small businesses (non-agricultural) and farm diversification
  • Priority 4 Provision for Rural Services
  • Priority 5 Support for Cultural and heritage activities, and;
  • Priority 6 Support for increasing forestry productivity.

For more information of these priorities and what can be funded, take a look at the applicant handbook on the website.

If you have a project idea, send us an email with some information about it to