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13th December 2016

REAL Devon Update

Sustainable Crediton are a member of the Local Action Group for the LEADER programme run by REAL Devon. As part of the executive group we are responsible for assessing & approving applications for the LEADER grants programme, which is funded by the EU. For most of this past year we have been u ...

13th December 2016

A new economic model for Devon?

Several members of Sustainable Crediton are working with the Devon New Economy Working Group to look at ways to improve our local economy and make it more sustainable, with the focus on sharing wealth within local communities rather than the current model which tends towards accumulation of wealth ...

30th November 2016

Devon New Economy

The Devon New Economy Working group A conference was held in April this year to look at new economic thinking and programmes in Devon. A wealth of different projects and programmes were described and it was clear that Devon is at the forefront of new thinking as far as economic ideas are concerned ...

30th November 2016

Does Crediton Need a New Cultural Hub? Public Consultation

Come and hear about the Town Teams' plans to create better facilities for our many cultural and social groups and tell us what you think. The meeting is on Wed 30 Nov at 7pm in the Town Council Chamber. It will be followed at 8.30pm by the Town Team's AGM, which everyone is welcome to attend. ...

30th August 2016

Devon New Economics Group

Following on from the Devon New Economy Seminar held on the 8th July, the full day's notes are attached for your information. At the conclusion of the day it was unanimously agreed to form the Devon New Economy Working Group to develop a think and do tank with the aims of Learning from and suppo ...

8th July 2016

Devon New Economy Seminar

I am convening a working group which is looking at how best to pursue alternative economic models across Devon. We are lucky to have on it Stewart Wallis ex Director of the New Economics foundation, who is now living in North Devon. We are running a short seminar which you might be interested in, ...

31st May 2016

Broadband for Rural Crediton News

Since the last broadband newsletter, quite a lot has happened - but not much of it actively helps our cause. CDS's plans for Phase 2 have again been slightly delayed, but we were pleased to hear that the plans have not had to be significantly modified after Mr Vaizey's recent pronouncements about b ...

30th April 2016

Broadband for Rural Crediton News

The Broadband for Rural Crediton group have been continuing their search for so-called dark fibre, which would be an essential ingredient for any community-led fibre-to-the-home broadband scheme. Dark fibre is optical fibre laid around the country by the telecomms companies as an investment in the ...

30th April 2016

Crediton Neighbourhood Plan Aims and Objectives

The Crediton Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has pleasure in circulating a copy of the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan Aims and Objectives. The Aims and Objectives will underpin the policies contained within the Crediton Neighbourhood Plan and have been drawn up following the results of all the surv ...

16th April 2016

Devon New Economy Gathering

What kind of economy will promote well-being, for all, in a fair and sustainable way? The way our economy is organized affects everyday life; food, debt, taxes, energy prices, banks, public services - choices about these involve values, and shouldn't be left to 'experts'. But how can we speak in ...

Logo for Exeter City Futures
28th February 2016

Exeter City Futures Survey

Not a survey about Exeter City Football Club but about the exciting new project launched recently in Exeter by the community interest company Exeter City Futures. Now is the moment to ask: What is the future of Exeter? What are the challenges that we face? What do we want our city to be like in ...

Logo for B4RDS - the website for fast Broadband for Rural Devon & Somerset
28th February 2016

Please Petition the Government about Broadband

May I ask you consider signing this petition, and encouraging your contacts, to do likewise?

Petition to require all UK broadband/telephone lines to become fibre to the property (FTTP).

Less than 1% of UK telephone and broadband lines provide fibre to the property (FTTP). BT Openreach, the monopoly owner of the UK's broadband infrastructure continue to focus on copper connections to the property (FTTC). This is harming the UK economy and must change.

The UK's broadband network is now a matter of national economic and social importance, but BT Openreach, the monopoly owner of the UK's broadband network focuses only on providing copper cables to the property (FTTC). Less than 1% of UK telephone and broadband connections have fibre all the way to the property, which is the only future proof method of delivering fast, reliable broadband. Broadband connects businesses and individuals to the trade routes of the 21st century and Portugal, Denmark, Germany, France and Italy all outstrip the UK in deploying fibre to the property. This must change if the UK economy is to thrive.

1st February 2016

Notes from Broadband for Rural Crediton Meeting

20th January at Black Dog Memorial Hall Summary: * Strong turnout of around 80 people * Very little fresh information form CDS/BT * Suggestion for a community-led FTTP scheme outlined by Mike Brett * Words of support from Margaret Squires (DCC Cllr), and from Mike Knuckey (PA to Mel Stride M ...