The overall goal for this year is to establish a "Local Trade" group to help local businesses. The group will look at ideas such as:

  • Encouraging people to "Buy Local", not just in shops or on Crediton High Street but throughout the whole supply chain and including services.
  • Providing support for new & emerging businesses
  • Establishing co-operatives to share resources & services
  • Finding ways to increase employment
  • Looking at ways to retain & develop local shops & services in small rural communities (beyond Crediton)
  • Helping agricultural trade
  • Improving tourism
  • Ideas to regenerate Crediton High Street
  • Working with the Chamber of Commerce and other supportive organisations

6th December 2014

A Winter Gift Fest

Sale of art, craft, music and writing by local St David's and Exeter residents, amateur and professional, including by local schoolchildren. Live music and singing, seated massage available, creative activities for children, Mulberry Tree cafe open for refreshments. Free admission. All we ...

26th November 2014

Positive Money

Many of the big social and economic problems that we face today stem from the way that money is created. Most of us learn that only the government can create money, but in reality more than 97% of money is created by private banks. This means that the same banks that caused the financial cri ...

22nd November 2014

Crediton Community Bookshop AGM

Crediton Community Bookshop's Patron, Mal Peet, has kindly agreed not only to be the keynote speaker, but to read from, and sign, his entertaining new book, The Murdstone Trilogy, at the Bookshop at 12.30 p.m. From 10.00 a.m., and after the AGM, self-published writers from Exeter and Mid D ...

Logo for 38 Degrees
31st October 2014

Put a stop to TTIP and CETA

Please sign the 38 Degrees petition to prevent TTIP and CETA because they include several critical issues such as investor-state dispute settlement and rules on regulatory cooperation that pose a threat to democracy and the rule of law.

TTIP, the US/EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (called TAFTA - Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement in the US) is a 'free trade' agreement between the world two biggest economies.

However TTIP is not about trade. It is in fact a corporate coup that will take us to a 'corporatocracy', a corporate-run world.

It is being promoted by transnational corporations, for the benefit of transnational corporations, and mainly transnational financial service corporations - the banks and other financial service firms that caused the financial crisis that has resulted in welfare cuts and other hardships for ordinary people.

Click here to see how TTIP may affect you.

Logo of Involve, Mid Devon CVS
7th October 2014

Free Funding Event

Hear about running your group in a more enterprising way, and the latest funding opportunities at this free event. Speakers include • Julie Hawker, Chief Executive of IT social enterprise Cosmic, and Board Member of Devon & Cornwall Business Council • Debbie Stewart, Partner in The F ...

Crediton Town Team wants your ideas for improving the Town Square
27th September 2014

Work on ideas for the Town Square

This event was postponed, for reasons that the report of the first event (below) will make clear. More than twenty people gathered in the town council chamber on 13 September to discuss the Town Square. Hosted by the new Crediton Town Team - the group emerging from the Crediton Festival to ...

Crediton Town Team wants your ideas for improving the Town Square
13th September 2014

We need your ideas on how to improve the Square for all

More than twenty people gathered in the town council chamber to discuss the Town Square. Hosted by the new Crediton Town Team - the group emerging from the Crediton Festival to look at new approaches to community regeneration - people taking part concluded that the square is being used for a ...

20th July 2014

Kick-starting the new economy on your doorstep

Based on the Human Scale Development framework of economist Manfred Max-Neef, one of the forefathers of the current wave of new economic thinking, this workshop offers the chance to come together and dive deeply into the challenges we are facing and gain a new perspective on what is possible. ...

24th June 2014


Why? Because it's a transnational corporate takeover

- Predominantly by financial service corporations i.e. same old banks

What will it mean for us?

- GM food, chlorine-washed chicken, growth-hormone beef & pork
- Lowered standards for chemicals and pesticides on food
- EU public services 'harmonised' with US public service models
- EU climate change Fuel Quality Directive at risk (tar sands oil, fracking)

For predicted 'huge gains'? Actually only very small gains

We will have leaflets about the TTIP which can be collected at the July Community Market on the 12th July. See this video for background.

Find out more at www.StopTTIP.net website and www.facebook.com/StopTTIPUK or sign a petition at World Development Movement