2nd December 2010

Trace the Tax

Poor countries have the riches to help work their own way out of poverty. But a worldwide culture of financial secrecy allows some unscrupulous companies to dodge tax and rob poor countries of more than $160bn a year. Trace the Tax is about helping them get their money back. You can help. The link below goes to Christian Aid's website where you can lobby Vince Cable to crack down on tax evasion and send emails to four of the UK's largest companies on this subject.

Tar Sands - Counting the Cost
28th April 2010

Pension funds and the Canadian Tar Sands - express your concerns

The mission of the Fair Pensions organisation is to promote responsible investment in the pensions and investment industry.

Fair Pensions are running a campaign this spring on climate change and investments in the Canadian Tar Sands. Major investors get to vote on tar sands developments at the shareholder meeting of Shell on the 18th May, and will be making up their mind about how to vote anytime now. You can make your voice heard by expressing your concerns to your pension provider or to one of Shell's biggest shareholders.

Logo for The Robin Hood Tax campaign
30th March 2010

Support The Robin Hood Tax on the Banks

The Robin Hood Tax campaign is a movement bringing together dozens of organisations that work to reduce poverty in the UK and overseas, and campaign to tackle climate change. They have come together during the economic crisis to campaign for a new deal between banks and society.

The Robin Hood Tax is a tiny tax on banks, hedge funds and other finance institutions that would raise billions to tackle poverty and climate change, at home and abroad.It can start as low as 0.005 per cent - and average 0.05 per cent . But when levied on the billions of pounds sloshing round the global finance system every day through transactions such as foreign exchange, derivatives trading and share deals, it can raise hundreds of billions of pounds every year.

And while international agreement is best, it can start right now, right here in the UK. That can help stop cuts in crucial public services in the UK, and aid the fight against global poverty and climate change.