Stroud Pound, Bristol Pound. Crediton Pound?

Picture of Bristol's currency

Bristol launched its very own currency, the Bristol Pound, with a great fanfare in September 2012. You can read a BBC report here, the Guardian's take on it here, and the Telegraph's rather more informative (!) report here.

The notes certainly look good and are nice to handle. I gather they are very proud of the fact that they have more security features than the US dollar; I guess this says something about the enterprise of Bristolians, if not quite in the way intended.

But will the currency catch on with locals and traders, or prove to be a triumph of hope over experience? The theory is great, but it's hard going; the Stroud Pound, (BBC report on its launch in March 2010 here, and Sustainable Crediton's report here) is said to have weakened somewhat after a strong start, though its website shows over 60 participating traders.

Could it work in Crediton? I rather wonder if our local economy is big enough. If the the LETS  scheme here couldn't keep going, something more ambitious would certainly be a challenge. But it's fun to think about. And it's not the Euro.  

But if the Stroud Pound could agree with the Bristol Pound that their citizens could use their currencies in each others' towns, and then if other towns in the South West joined in, perhaps we might be talking?!  

I'm not quite joking - The Chiemgauer is a regional currency in Bavaria in which millions of euros' worth is traded yearly, according to the Telegraph.  Of more comfort to Telegraph readers, perhaps, is the news that this isn't another Brussels plot: go trade in BerkShares if you find yourself in he Berkshires region of Massachusetts. Its website lists over 370 businesses in Berkshire County that accept it.

I suspect that scale is important.  I hope the Bristol Pound makes it big.