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Leaflet for Freeconomy

Mark Boyle set up Freeconomy a few years ago. He told the story of how the idea came about:

He was in his parents back garden in Ireland, a row of about 80 houses. He heard the familiar sound of someone mowing their lawn. He thought to himself, and realised, that is a common sound, but how often do you hear two lawnmowers in one street on, at any one time? Yet, probably every household in that street owned one. If they all communicated and realised this, they could all save money (the cost of buying and running one lawnmower divided by 80 households = £not very much £), and resources.

So, this is where Freeconomy was born. Anyone can sign up.  It's really simple. Log on and follow the easy steps to sign up. Marking your area on the map, so people can search near where they live. Simple. Save money. Learn new skills. Meet new friends locally. Get help with projects for free. Share skills, tools, and spaces. Share advice, information or ask freeconomic questions."

There are endless lists of skills and tools people may have to share, and just select all the ones you are willing to share with others for free. Then, all you need to do is sit back and relax. Someone may get in touch with you for help that you have offered, or if you need help with something, search on the website, and it will come up with people in your area who are willing to help.

A community building idea at your fingertips! The Freeconomy Community's aim is to help reconnect people in their local communities through the simple act of sharing."

See for yourself.... and spread the word!!

Get Friends Involved in the Freeconomy

From Mark Webster:

We've recently relaunched the Freeconomy Community website and we hope you find the new site a huge improvement.

We've now made it really easy for you to help us get other people involved. The more people we all tell about it the more people we will all have in our own local communities to benefit from and share with.

You can help us get more people involved using any (or all!) of the following methods (listed in terms of easiness!)

  • By inviting the friends from your Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail or AOL account that you think may be interested in Freeconomy. You simply type in your username and password for that account and then select which friends you'd like to contact (we obviously DO NOT store these details anywhere) and click 'Invite'. Easy

  • By printing off a poster and putting it up in your local shop, cafe, community centre etc.

  • By sharing freeconomy on other websites you use (such as Delicious, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Reddit, Bebo etc)

  • Print off some leaflets and drop them through your neighbours letterbox - if you like, why not write your name and the number of your house at the bottom (i.e. from Jody @ No.5!).

  • Tell your friends the old traditional way - just by talking to them about it and telling them the website address!

  • By printing off the Freeconomy Booklet - the why, what, how and where next for the Freeconomy Community and giving it to any interested friends.

Check it out

Have a fantastic day and a big thanks to you all.