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EU referendum and the environment

Should the UK exit Europe? There are strong health and environmental reasons to stay in the EU. Make sure you register to vote.

On Thursday 23 June we all get to vote on our EU membership. Should we stay or should we go?

There are many arguments for and against EU membership.

But in one area, perhaps more so than others, the evidence is clear.

While far from perfect, EU membership has greatly benefited the UK's nature and the environment.

Why stay in the EU?

Being part of the European Union has given us:

  • cleaner beaches and drinking water
  • less air pollution
  • safer products
  • protected wildlife

It hasn't all been positive. For example, the Common Agriculture Policy has proved an environmental disaster.

Even so, exiting the EU would leave the UK's environment in even worse shape.

For this reason, Friends of the Earth believes that staying in the EU will be bestfor us and our environment (PDF).

Mike Birkin from F o E will be speaking (along with 3 other speakers)  on Monday June 6th at 7.30 at QE Upper School, Western Rd, Crediton at an EU Referendum Debate being organised by Sustainable Crediton in co-operation with QE.