Building Village Links

24 February 2021

One of the Core Group's new plans for 2021 is to revive and strengthen links with supporters in the villages around Crediton.

We know we have members scattered through  the villages, from Bow and  Zeal  to Black Dog, from  Cheriton Fitz and Cadbury to Newton  St Cyres and Tedburn... but we don't think that we learn about, publicise or support your projects well enough!  We'd like to be able to provide more support. 

Wouldn't it be good share  news and views on village activities, whether it's cycling, recycling, verge-planting, tree-planting, energy solutions, hedgehog support, community initiatives,   transport campaigns or whatever?

We think one good way of getting this going would be to have a Link person representing each village. If you'd be prepared to become the Sus Cred Link for your village please write to

Hoping to hear from you!

Caroline Romijn (Core Group Secretary/ Copplestone resident)