Want to give a helping hand?

As you can see, we are at last starting to get back on our feet after the prolongued shut down.

We have two major events coming along, the Green Fair on 25th September, and the AGM / Relaunch on 2nd October. We will most likely need extra bodies at both events to help run stalls, assist with setting up / taking down, greeting and talking with visitors, and simply helping to make the events run smoothly.

If you can spare a few hours on either day (or both days!) and would like to get involved, do drop us an email via the link. We will be needinh help from 9.00am on 25th September, and from 9.30am on 2nd October.

In particular: we need some strong(ish) people to help us put up gazebos on the town square on the morning of 25th September, and to take them down again in the afternoon.

All offers of help will be gratefully received.


John Craythorne