Sustainable Crediton Annual General Meeting 8 May 2019

10 May 2019



Dee Ross (Core Group Leader), Esther Mann (Treasurer and Waste Action Group Leader), John Craythorne (newsletter editor) John Ross (Town Council representative), Dave Harris, Hannah Thomas, Rachel Parcell, Carolyn Scott, Anne Tucker, Abi Hendricks, Siobhan Martin, Gerald Conyngham.


Emma Mitchell (Secretary), Charles Mossman

Minutes of Meeting

1. Welcome.  Dee Ross welcomed all attendees, especially those members of the recently forming Crediton Extinction Rebellion Group.

2. Minutes of Annual General Meeting, 21 May 2018.

Agreed as true record: proposed, Gerald Conyngham; seconded, Esther Mann

3. Core Group Leader's Report

Dee Ross summarised the progress made over the past 12 months. A year ago Sustainable Crediton had become dormant and was at risk of ceasing to exist. However a new Core Group (Dee Ross, Esther Mann, Emma Mitchell and John Craythorne), came forward and has provided continuation.

We are still looking for a Core Group member to take on social media. We would love to hear from anyone who is interested. Also anyone else who wishes to become more active and involved with SusCred will be made very welcome!

Dee explained that the Core Group fulfils an 'umbrella' role looking after matters such as finance, insurance, communications and overall direction, whilst Action Groups operate quite autonomously to deliver projects and activities consistent with SusCred's aims.

Activities in the past year have included the following:

  • Publicity street stall on the High Street;
  • Making links to other groups and initiatives in Crediton, including Turning Tides, the Museum and Heart of Crediton;
  • Attendance at the Mayor's reception;
  • Starting work on the Bee Line Project;
  • Visit to the Energy from Waste project in Exeter, relevant to the planning application for an anaerobic digester at Lord's Meadow.

Future plans include:

  • Progressing the Beeline project;
  • Publicity stall at CredFest's Picnic in the Park;
  • Contributing to the Totally Local project being developed by the Chamber of Commerce;
  • Exploring how we might work in tandem with Extinction Rebellion to increase our impact and avoid duplication of effort.

4. Treasurer's Report

Esther Mann reported as follows:

We are in a stable position financially. For the year ended 31 December 2018 we achieved a surplus of £444.51 of income over expenditure. Total assets amounted to £4,857.44. In the current calendar year expenditure has been c.£730 and income c.£760. Detailed figures showing income, expenditure and the balance sheet were circulated to attendees.

The Treasurer's report was approved by the meeting. Proposed: John Ross, Seconded: Anne Tucker

5. Food Action Group report

Dee Ross reported on behalf of the Group.

Share, Grow, Eat! our seed share event held in March, was outstandingly successful in terms of numbers attending, the variety and quality of exhibitors, and all round enjoyment. Thanks especially to those attending who gave initial impetus to the Beeline Project: Imogen Hallam, Cathy Horsley and Simon O'Sullivan. Thanks also to the Waste Group for catering, and the Woodmen for musical entertainment.

The Beeline pollinators project next meeting: 15 May, at the library.

6. Waste Action Group report

Carolyn Scott reported on behalf of the Group.

The focus for the past year has continued to be on reduction / recycling of plastic:

  • Water refill project;
  • Community Hero scheme: Crediton Pet Shop and Stevie B's received accolades for minimising use of plastic packaging;
  • The group has produced a leaflet on tips to reduce plastic useage;

Other activites have included:

  • A smoothies stall at last year's Food Festival, using surplus produce;
  • The very successful clothes swap event: the next clothes swap is on 1 June at the Congregational Church.

In response to a question, Esther Mann reported that she has been talking to Mid Devon DC seeking clarification on their plastic recycling policy, but with limited success due to changes in personnel at MDDC.

7. Woodland Group report

John Craythorne reported on behalf of the Group.

Coppicing and some hedge laying has continued through the winter months, working on a site near Morchard Bishop. The Group works on alternate Mondays through the season. Chain saw users, who must be appropriately qualified and equipped to meet health and safety and insurance requirements, do most of the felling, whilst other group members trim, carry, stack and make themselves generally useful.

Coppicing increases biodiversity by opening up woodland to greater sunlight, brings neglected woodland back into management, and provided Group members with a load of fire wood at the end of the season.

An enjoyable day in the woods is had by all. Enquiries from new would-be members are welcome.

8. Election of Core Group

The existing Core Group members indicated their willingness to stand again and were re-elected in the absence of any other nominations.

John Ross volunteered to continue as Town Council representative and will continue in that role.

This concluded the formal business of the AGM at approximately 8.30pm

General Discussion

There followed a general discussion about possible future actions and objectives, which included:

  • Identifying land for tree planting / pollinator planting;
  • Premises for a surplus food cafe / cookery / food education activities;
  • Identifying a community meeting space;
  • Community Fridge

The meeting closed at around 9.15pm