Sustainable Crediton Core Group wants your help!

4 September 2019

The Core Group forms the "umbrella" group for Sustainable Crediton providing facilities for the action groups, saving the need for each to have necessities such as insurance, banking and a constitution. We raise money for Sustainable Crediton. Not too excited?

This only takes up a small part of our time.

More interesting is that the Core Group also keeps everyone in touch with current issues on the environment and sustainable living via the website, newsletters and Facebook pages.

We do a lot of outreach working with other organisations in the town. We go to seminars, provide information tables at events and on the High Street. We take part in national promotion events and protests and provide comment on a range of subjects such as planning applications.

We often take up new challenges not covered by the action groups. For example, we hope this Autumn to be working with the Town Council, Mid Devon District Council and Exeter University in furthering their aims to combat climate change following their declarations to reduce their carbon footprint by 2030. We want to provide a voice for the town on these issues and to help our townsfolk be able to make a difference personally by providing information about ways they can help reduce their impact on our world.

We work closely with Sustainable Crediton action groups who always welcome help in spreading the message about the ways we can by reduce our footprint and eliminating our effect on Climate Change. New projects are always welcome, got an idea? Get in contact and see how we can work together to get it off the ground. Believe it or not there are still many people out there who have not got the message or know how they can have an impact. Our work is not done.

Help on the Core Group is needed so we can take on more challenges and continue to make Crediton one of the greenest towns in Devon.

P.S. We take the statement "treading on the earth lightly" in more ways than one - we have a lot of fun while we are doing all this! If you are interested in helping contact us at