Proposed New Constitution May 2018

3 May 2018

The current Core Group in consultation with potential new Core Group members felt that it was important to simplify the old Constitution (which required 7 officers on the core team and a lot of rather out-of-date administrative rules which was making the constitution rather bureaucratic and problematic with our bank) so that a new core team could be put in place with the absolute minimum requirements and maximum flexibility.

Our current constitution can be read here.

Our Proposed new Constitution can be read here.

The main changes are in the sections entitled Aims, Management, Duties of Officers and Finance.


The aims of the organisation have been changed from an emphasis on climate change and peak oil to that of helping the people of Crediton and district to lead more sustainable lifestyles and work towards a carbon neutral future.


The new Constitution proposes a Core Group of three officers (Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) and other optional members. The quorum for decisions is three including all three officers. Various administrative rules have been removed including the requirement to meet a minimum of six times a year and to have a quorum of four at each meeting.

The current constitution has a Core Group of up to 12 members, seven officers and a quorum of four at each meeting.

Duties of officers

The new Constitution removes the roles of Vice Chair, Press Officer, Publicity Officer and Membership Communications Officer, although these roles can become optional Core Group roles should they be required and volunteers available to take on the tasks.


The proposed new Constitution still requires two cheque signatories, the Treasurer plus one other from any of the two other mandated signatories nominated by the Core Group. The current Constitution requires two signatories, the Treasurer plus one other from any of the three mandated Core Group members.