Musicians Wanted For Sustainable Composition

7 January 2017

Download the lyrics for our 'Sustainable Crediton Song!'.

You are invited to set the lyrics to music, creating your version of the song to perform yourselves and for Sustainable Crediton to use freely at CredFest 2017 and beyond.

Following the original idea of Pete Mason, the lyrics were composed at a recent song-writing event, facilitated by performance poets Ian Beech and Tim King.  As a collaborative project, we need to ensure that everyone's contribution is valued, so please respect the lyrics in their entirety, retaining complete verses, etc., as they represent input from everyone at the original song-writing event. (We don't want anyone's contribution 'lost in translation'!).  If you want to repeat lines - or make some into a recurring chorus - that will be fine!

We're hoping that lots of musicians will be inspired to take up our challenge and write music for the lyrics.  It will be great if we end up with various musical styles - folk, rock, jazz, choral, etc.  The choice is yours.

If you would like to become involved or require further information, please contact me.