Is your newsletter being Junked?

3 February 2017

A couple of our members have recently reported that they haven't received their monthly newsletter from us ... yet we have definitely sent it to them.

The problem is that most email services now-a-days have automated systems for determining what is 'spam' or 'junk' email and may hide or not deliver an email if they think it is suspect.

There is little we can do to combat this, but you can help! If you suspect that you are not receiving emails:

  • Check your "Junk Mail" folder regularly. If you find something in your Junk folder which isn't junk then don't just move it but mark it as 'NOT Junk' - this will ensure that it isn't auto-junked next time
  • Check your email settings with your service provider and check you are happy with the way junk mail is handled. For example you may be able to change the system to mark suspect emails rather than deleting them; you may be able to add as a safe domain.
  • Contact your email provider and complain