Important developments in Crediton

23 March 2017

There are two major developments in Crediton taking place at the moment.

Pedlarspool/Creedy Bridge site -  planning application by Gleesons to build 330 homes, including a travellers site and primary school

Details found under the planning application and associated documents. There are 45! attached documents, but some e.g. transport/air quality will be more relevant to Sustainable Crediton than others. Please feel free to forward to anyone you feel may be interested to know about this. Also all current support or objections submitted can be viewed.

If you do not agree with this development it is vitally important that you submit your own personal objections to the planning application (preferably with reference to the Local Plan) to:-


write to:  Head of Planning, MDDC, Phoenix House, Phoenix Lane, Tiverton EX16 6PP as soon as possible.
The original 21 days for objection has been extended to 6 weeks (end of April).

There is an online version of the Local Plan or a hard copy can be found in Crediton library.

The Creedy Valley Protection Group (CVPG) are in the process of submitting their own reports and ask for donations to the cause in order to fight on a professional basis as they will have to pay for several consultants reports and need to raise a significant sum (over £1500).  Please send a cheque to:-  CVPG at  Pounds Hill House, Pounds Hill, Crediton EX17 1AA.  This money is held in a trustee account with joint signatures of Peter Coleman and Richard Barnes.


Chapel Down Farm, Crediton (next to QE Drive) 

Outline planning application for 120 houses Crediton at Chapel Down. To see what Barrett Homes are planning and what they said at the recent public exhibition see Barretts website (under News & Updates).

This gives a brief outline of issues covered, including access points, cycle paths & ecology of the site.