Places to put Event Posters

List of places in Crediton to ask/put posters up.

(Handy tip: Take with you Blue tack and drawing pins). Some may ask if you are a charity as they charge if not. I tell them we are a not for profit voluntary group and they have taken our posters before with no charge and that should be OK. Where there are boards/places you have to personally put up posters, check dates on posters already up as they can sometimes be removed as run out and can get a better position for the poster).

In or near the Town Square

Library has a flip display but will usually take piles of small leaflets for events. (We regularly keep Sustainable Crediton leaflets and Food Producers cards in library)

The Green House shop

Ashton's Coffee shop on Square will take piles of small posters

Crediton Coffee Company will take leaflets and/or small poster

Council Office sometimes but they only have a small board.

Crediton Community Transport

Going up High Street on right side

Florist on wall by door

Beside Adam's there is an alleyway with a board on the wall that you can put posters on.

Chip Shop

Dentist - I have not put information in here before but noticed someone had recently put inside information about a Sustainable Crediton event, so might be worth a try.

On inside wall where record shop was and book shop still is. Put on record side as lady sometimes wants money to put on the book shop side.

Cross the road.

The other Chip shop

Tesco Express has a community board inside, they do put up posters for us.

Pound shop

Olivers Bakers



Pet shop

Cross back over

Dress shop will also take posters.

Stevie 'B' bread shop no longer puts up posters. [But they put one up for LL]

If you have the energy the café past the church will also put up posters. Handy as people get the bus here and read them.

Main supermarkets

Morrison's - they are happy to put up posters and take leaflets

Tesco accept posters