The Core Group explained

The role of the Core Group is to manage the organisation as a whole, ensuring key Action Groups exist (for Energy, Waste, Transport, Food & Farming and Economics) and helping them to work towards the goals of our long-term vision.

We also foster relationships with affiliate organisations and non party political links with our MP, Crediton Town Council, Mid Devon District Council, local councillors and other sustainability organisations in Devon.

We hold and manage Sustainable Crediton's funds, make applications for grants, and generally attempt to keep Sus Cred solvent!

Another key feature of our work is to publicise, as widely as we can, what we do and sustainability in general and to encourage people to become active on such issues. This website, including our newsletter archive, is a key component and we not only manage the site as a whole, but provide training and support for our team of volunteer editors. We also spread the word via social media - see our Facebook & Twitter pages.

Each year we have an AGM in the early spring at which we elect a Core Group for the following year.