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Project Partnership Agreement for Project Coordinators

Thank you for your interest in working under the auspices of Sustainable Crediton (SC). This form sets out how Sustainable Crediton operates, and how we will support your project, and in turn, how we will expect you to work with us. We hope this meets your expectations. If you have any queries please get in touch with any member of Core Group or by the email address which follows. If you are happy to go ahead with the agreement, please complete the questionnaire at the foot of this document and return it to: or to any Core Group member.

Core Group will then check this out and get back to you as quickly as possible, hopefully with a thumbs up to make a start, or with details of any further information we need.

Sustainable Crediton's way of working

SC is governed by a Core Group which agrees the overall direction and priorities of SC and has oversight of the activities of our various sub groups and projects, each of which get on with its work with a high degree of autonomy and trust, subject to the following framework.

What SC will provide to your project

  1. Advice on risk management
  2. Insurance for your activity to a maximum of £10m
  3. Publicity by way of our e-newsletter, social media, the local press etc
  4. Advice on liaison with the Town or District Council (where relevant) with whom we have well established links. More formal reporting to local councils is the responsibility of Core Group.
  5. Financial support, where appropriate and possible;
  6. Bank accounting, for the processing of any income / expenditure
  7. Support and advice in the event of disagreements or conflict arising in the carrying out of a project
  8. A named Core Group member who will act as your primary contact and representative to Core Group as a whole

What SC requires of your project

Where necessary, the project co-ordinator to provide a written risk assessment, and ensure that all project members understand it. SC will give help and advice on this if needed.

The project co-ordinater will  use their best endeavours to ensure that:

  1. The project acts lawfully and safely;
  2. Project members follow any applicable risk assessment;
  3. Project members behave so as to protect  the reputation of SC in the local community;
  4. Project members are registered members of Sustainable Crediton: that is, they are logged on our membership database and receive our e-newsletter (unless opted out). Your Core Group representative can help with this.
  5. Any formal fundraising activity such as making grant applications or holding fundraising events, to be cleared with SC Core Group before proceeding. Income and expenditure on the project must be transacted through the SC bank account. Expenditure on any single item in excess of £10, or multiple items to a combined value in excess of £20, to be approved in advance by your Core Group representative. Receipts must be provided when seeking reimbursements.
  6. The Project Co-ordinator will provide regular updates to their Core Group representative, as necessary.  
  7. All project members will work within the constitution of SC.


Section 1 - About you

Your name (project co-ordinator)


Contact address:


Telephone number:




Section 2 - Your Project

 Aim of project:


Location of project:

Timetable for project if not ongoing (Delete if not applicable)

Likely start date (MM/YY)

Likely end date (MM/YY)



Section 3- Project costs or material requirements (if known)

Estimate the cost of the project or state material needs if costs not known



I agree to act as coordinator for this project on the terms set out above




Thank you for your proposal: we will get back to you shortly to let you know if we are happy for you to go ahead