Sarah Green (Chair & Webmaster)

Photograph of Sarah Green

Hi, I'm Sarah :)

I joined Sustainable Crediton some years ago after moving to the area from Bristol. My partner and I had been looking to invest in solar panels for ages but could never make it financially viable. As luck would have it the Energy Group were running a solar project at the time and with their help we were able to fulfill our dream of generating our own solar energy! Since then we've also managed to get rid of our dependence on heating oil by installing air-source heat pumps (again with the help of the Energy Group via the Renewable Heat Incentive project).

Once I had discovered Sustainable Crediton I was keen to get more involved and to do something for them in return. The website at that time was looking a little tired and was becoming difficult to manage and since I am a web professional this was an area where I could help out. Transforming the site took several months since we wanted to ensure that it held all the information from our old newsletters and other documents, as well as providing a good system for the future. I subsequently became a member of the Core Group and take responsibility for the overall management of the site, supporting & training our editors, as well as performing various 'techie' maintenance tasks.

My 'techie' background means I tend to be thought of as the nerd of the group (and I do have certain nerdy characteristics such as a perfectionist streak, a healthy guilt complex and a fear of parties!) but my heart actually lies in other areas - for me technology is just a useful tool rather than an end to itself. I love creative problem-solving - I'm a 'glass half-empty' sort of person, always looking for a problem to solve (or to put it another way - "That's perfect! ... Now let's make it better"!) Before I started my own business I was a strategy manager for Orange and I'm enjoying being able to put those skills to use again as chair of Sustainable Crediton.

Aside from work, I love dancing and genealogy (family history) - tho' I rarely get any spare time to do either! I live just outside Lapford with my partner and our beloved cats & chickens where we grow our own fruit and veggies. We both work from home - a mixed blessing since it never stops but we get to enjoy more of the glorious Devon countryside.

The thing I most love about living here (in contrast to city life) is that it's possible to really make things happen in a smaller community, as I think Sustainable Crediton has proved!

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