Tesco Crediton Superstore

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  • Constructed from Timber from Sustainable Forestry
  • Constructed to maximise natural light, reducing the need for generated power
  • Rainwater harvested & used to flush all toilets instore
  • All back offices, colleague canteen, changing areas & colleague toilets have automatic lighting. If no movement is detected lights switch off and come on automatically as the room is entered.
  • All shop floor chillers & freezers have 'maximum fill lines' to ensure they are not using more energy than is required.
  • Shop entrance is protected by an 'Air Curtain' to help maintain as much as possible, a constant temperature reducing heat loss & energy use.
  • All warehouse fridges & freezers have both insulated main doors and curtain doors to maintain temperature and minimise energy use.
  • Each relevant department - Counter's, Bakery, Back Door, has standard practice procedures for minimising energy use.
  • All waste is divided into; Paper/Cardboard, General & Food. This is either recycled or sent for energy generation
  • or converted to fertiliser. 
  • All bakery waste is sent for conversion into animal feed.
  • All new uniform, where appropriate made from 100% recycled materials.