Ruth's Real Food

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Ruth's Real Food has always been committed to having as low an impact on the world and its natural resources as possible. We continually look for ways of doing things better, including reducing our carbon footprint and our energy efficiency.

  • We work from home so no commuting.
  • We have energy efficient heating (ground source heat pump)
  • We source as many of our ingredients as we can locally reducing food miles.
  • Our own kitchen garden provides some of our fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • We use paperboard oven trays for our meals as they are better for the environment than other containers in the market. The paperboard is sourced only from those suppliers who have FSC/PEFC chain of custody.
  • We use sustainable insulation for shipping food not polystyrene.
  • Recycled cardboard boxes are lined with specially designed sheep's wool liners which can be recycled or composted.
  • We aim for no food waste - leftovers are used up by the family and any remaining kitchen waste is composted.
  • We re-use and recycle all paper waste.
  • We recycle all tins, glass and plastics.
  • We use paper carrier bags.
  • We try to work with suppliers who share our ethos.