Rookbeare Farm

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The most significant thing we have done at Rookbeare is tree planting to absorb CO2. 3 acres in 1994 and a further 14 acres in 2000. Attached to a small copse this makes 20 acres of oak and ash, protected by a deer proof fence. Carbon Trust calculations tell us that we are now absorbing more CO2 than we cause to be emitted by electricity use producing ice cream and sorbet.

On the manufacturing side we always give energy conservation priority so eg storage freezers have extra insulation, compressors are more efficient etc. Last year we had to redo our tubs to comply with new legislation so took the opportunity to replace plastic lids with paper ones.

Last year we restored a Victorion barn for office and meeting rooms. This has solar PV in the south facing roof and solar thermal/wood boiler for heating.