Peck & Strong

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  • We generate over 50% of our ELECTRICITY ourselves through a 216 panel 50kw Photo Voltaic system which we have installed on our roof. We source the remainder of our electricity from 100% renewable sources
  • We use LED LIGHTING within our Kitchens that emulates natural daylight conditions: bringing our electricity consumption to around 25% of typical lighting systems, as well as contributing towards an excellent working environment for our staff
  • The GAS SUPPLY to our ovens is modified by gas savers
  • Our WATER is heated mainly by warm air recovered from our fridge compressors, while the ambient heating in our kitchen is supplemented by heat recovered from our cooling room
  • We use the minimum PACKAGING to achieve the most robust job. All our boxes are made from 80% recycled cardboard and are 100% recyclable
  • And where cakes are, of necessity, wrapped in transparent film, plant-derived CELLOPHANE is used as a natural alternative to the more standard polypropylene
  • All materials we use for CLEANING are derived from plants. They are quickly biodegradable, have a minimal impact on aquatic life and are produced within an ecologically designed factory
  • After we have taken every measure we can to REDUCE our CARBON FOOTPRINT, we OFFSET our remaining footprint (representing transport and site energy usage) through contributing to the funding of a project that exists specifically to reduce Carbon emissions in Nicaragua.