Paper Chain

Logo for Paper Chain

Paperchain has Ethical & Social Values at the heart of everything we do…

  • Collection bins recyclable and made from recycled cardboard or FSC certified wood.
  • Purchase of Fair Trade products wherever possible
  • Email invoices wherever possible
  • Materials for recycling segregated at source [good quality material keeps in the loop for longer]
  • The waste we produce is firstly re-used, then recycled with virtually none going to landfill
  • The waste our customers produce is firstly re-used, then recycled
  • All printing on recycled paper and postage sent in recycled envelopes
  • More people power than machines [less resources & fossil fuels used, more employment opportunities]
  • Collection rounds optimised to minimise fuel consumption
  • Bank with Co-operative Bank [committed to leading the way on ethical, environmental & community matters]
  • Telephony with the Phone Co-operative [operates both ethically and democratically for the good of its employees, customers, members and the wider community.
  • Website, hosting & email with Cosmic, an Ethical Business & local Social Enterprise
  • Local, ethical suppliers used as priority number one
  • Bike to work scheme offered to encourage commuting by bicycle
  • All computers, machines and lights turned off when not in use