M C Kelly

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  • 50% of electricity generated by own solar and wind
  • Electrical usage constantly monitored
  • Deliveries all in re-usable crates
  • LED lighting throughout building
  • Delivery routes planned for most efficient use of fuel
  • New fleet of efficient delivery vans
  • Deliveries using same firm to reduce lorry journeys
  • All bi-products recycled, no landfill involved in any waste.
  • Waste heat used for heating offices and crate washing therefore zero carbon involved in heating
  • Employing very locally to minimise travel and re-invest in local economy
  • Selling own produce to minimise food miles
  • Continued investment in IT to reduce paper use and increase efficiencies.
  • Farm in stewardship
  • Locally sourced meats sold only within region
  • Minimal waste due to effective stock control and purchasing control.