The Kirton Clothing Company

Logo for Kirton Clothing
  • Supporting British Clothing Manufacturers - 2 of our 4 suppliers are based in the Southwest
  • Some of our clothing is produced by two Fair Trade Certified Cooperatives or is made from renewable natural sources (such as soya, organic cotton and bamboo) & modal (an eco-friendly, manmade material originating from beech wood).
  • We recycle all of our waste and reuse packaging where possible
  • Paperless invoicing to our online customers
  • We offer strong re-usable carrier bags if customers need one
  • We mainly use good quality wooden clothes hangers instead of cheap plastic ones
  • We use string for attaching price labels to clothing
  • Our loyalty cards are made of card rather than plastic
  • We plan to change lightbulbs to energysaving ones and get our next batch of business cards and stationery printed onto recycled card/paper