Il Casita

Logo for Il Casita
  • Seasonal menus written monthly this helps use produce readily available and local
  • Use of fish and crop forecasts to tie in with menu writing
  • Recycle and sort all of our own waste. Utilise all food trimmings in kitchen for less wastage. Any wastage is composted. Coffee grinds used in the garden
  • Use of electricity and gas always monitored
  • Recycled water from the restaurant used for the garden and plants
  • Suppliers using returnable boxes for deliveries
  • Grow some of our own vegetables and herbs for the restaurant
  • Inspect our suppliers to make sure they maintain their sustainability practices
  • Use of day boat fish rather than large trawling beamers because of the impact on the seabeds
  • Recycle paper from old menus to be reused for office work
  • Water butts to collect rainwater for the garden
  • All staff trained in our wastage procedures (only let staff use the dishwasher once it is full & taught not to run taps when not necessary etc) & taught WHY we have these procedures and our beliefs in being as sustainable as possible
  • Use of eco friendly food ware when outside catering
  • Educating customers when writing a bespoke menu as to why we use the seasons. It is not just fashionable it has a serious impact upon our environment