The Green House

Logo for The Green House
  • We source our electricity from Ecotricity who only use electricity from 100% renewable resources.
  • We use low energy light bulbs where possible.
  • Our shop fridge and freezer are energy efficient to comply with government guidelines.
  • We offer a refil service on many cleaning products; washing up liquid, laundry liquid, shampoos and conditioners.
  • We, and our staff, are encouraged to put on an extra layer of clothing rather than use the heating we have in the shop.
  • The majority of the products we sell are organic which reduces the use of chemicals that have to be transported to the farms and use a lot of energy in their production.
  • We only sell vegetarian food; meat production contributing around 15% of carbon emissions worldwide.
  • We buy in from local suppliers where we can and none of the food we sell is air freighted.
  • We do not offer our customers plastic bags and over 90% of our food packaging is biodegradable; paper or cellophane.
  • All the takeaway cups and containers we use are compostable.