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As a certificated BS EN ISO 14001 business, both factory and warehouse locations are committed to continual improvement.


Over recent years we have:

  • Moved our lighting towards LED with motion sensor control.
  • Moved to recycling all cardboard
  • Moved waste products to Bio-digestion for energy
  • Through process waste reduction halved our effluent loading
  • Implemented a replacement policy of high efficiency motor
  • With data from sub-metering, challenged all our ways of working

Overall, we have:

  • Reduced our gas usage per tonne manufactured through investment and efficiency by over 40%
  • Reduced our electricity usage per tonne manufactured through behaviours, ways of working and investment by over 30%
  • Reduced our water usage per tonne manufactured by recovery, investment, reuse and ways of working by over 40%
  • Moved all our waste away from landfill to zero

We don't plan to stop there. We are currently pulling our strategy together for the period from 2016 - 2020 (against 2013 baseline) This includes targets to reduce :-

  • CO2 by 22%
  • Energy by 21%
  • Water by 5%
  • Waste by 26%