Crediton Coffee Company

Logo for the Crediton Coffee Company

Crediton Coffee Company is committed to sourcing its coffee and milk from sustainable farms, packaging from recycled and recyclable materials and maintaining a low carbon footprint through use of low energy roasting equipment and low energy lighting.

  • Low energy LED, dimmable lighting through the shop
  • Unique design for roaster - low energy use (gas) for roasting through heat exchanger
  • Unique design for roast gases exhaust - low energy electrostatic precipitation of smoke, clean air (40 watts)
  • Environmental packaging for roasted coffee - brown paper with biodegradable starch lining (i.e. not foil packed)
  • Recycled materials for cups and biodegradable lids (i.e. no plastics)
  • Recycled, paper carrier bags (no plastics, no 5p charge)
  • No food wastage - we buy 'fresh on the day' from local bakers (Olivers)
  • Our green coffees are sourced from farms with sustainable and ethical policies for agriculture
  • No printing of till receipts unless customer requires it - email instead
  • Milk sourced locally from sustainable, organic dairy herds (Ashclyst Dairy, part of Killerton, National Trust Estate)