Affiliate Organisations

Illustration entitled "Working Together"

Sustainable Crediton is keen to create relationships with other organisations with complimentary goals and principles.

We already work with a number of external organisations such as the Plough & Share credit union, the Crediton Pig ClubFriend of the Earth and of the Transition Network and are keen to extend this network to include others with similar aspirations.

How Sustainable Crediton can help affiliate organisations

  • We will promote affiliate organisations by publicising them and their projects on our website and in our monthly newsletter free of charge
  • We will offer affiliates space to promote themselves and their projects at Sustainable Crediton events (e.g. providing space for a market stand and/or space for leaflets/posters etc.)
  • We will share resources (e.g. projector, gazebo etc) wherever practical but it should be noted that these will not be insured by us and affiliates will be responsible for any loss or damage.
  • We may, at the discretion of the Core Group, sponsor or collaborate on specific projects of the affiliate organisation (e.g. to apply for a grant and/or set up a working group with shared resources)


What Sustainable Crediton expects from its affiliates

  • The organisation must have goals and aspirations which are complimentary with those of Sustainable Crediton and fit well (either directly or indirectly) with our strategy
  • The organisation must not promote events, campaigns or other material which directly conflicts with the Sustainable Crediton strategy
  • The organisation must be financially independent (although joint ventures may be agreed for specific projects - see above)
  • At least one member of the affiliate organisation must be a member of Sustainable Crediton
  • The organisation should promote Sustainable Crediton both within the organisation (encouraging its members to join Sustainable Crediton) and by citing Sustainable Crediton on promotional material & publicity wherever possible.