Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 115

Greetings everyone.

This month we are turning our thoughts to how we rebuild our economy and society in response to the Covid pandemic.To this end, the government is activating Project Birch. It is reported that some of the main recipients of government - in other words taxpayers' - support will be aviation, car manufacturing and the energy sector.

Simultaneously, the Build Back Better movement is campaigning for investment which will prioritise support for those sectors which have been in our hearts and minds in recent months, and to build towards a carbon neutral future.

The International Energy Agency of which the UK is a founding member, has published a Sustainable Recovery Plan to boost economic growth, create millions of new jobs worldwide and put global greenhouse gas emissions into structural decline.

We cannot afford to pass up this opportunity for change for the better. In the words of Ben Okri, poet and author: "What we need now is a new hunger for life. Imagine if the leaders of the world chose this moment to put policies in place that would reverse climate change, bring health and education to all the worlds people and kill off the virus of poverty that has spread untold misery"

More on the above in the near future.

We are also pleased to publish a new and powerful poem from Matt Harvey.

We are relaunching our market place, for those wanting to promote businesses and services which align with our objectives.

Time for new beginnings.

Best wishes,

John Craythorne, newsltter editor, on behalf of Sustainable Crediton

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What Went Wrong? Matt Harvey

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Welcome to our new secretary: Caroline Romijn

We are delighted to welcome Caroline as our new secretary and member of Core Group: in Caroline's own words: 'I've been encouraged and inspired by Sustainable Crediton for a number of years as I've tried to get greener. I'm really glad to to be able to take on a more active role now. It certainl ...

Got some thoughts you'd like to share?

A reminder that we welcome contributions to the newsletter from our members, on any topic which accords with our purpose. Send to John Craythorne via the link above. Thanks! ...

Re-launch for our Market Place

For the benefit of our members, we are re-launching the Market Place section of our website. Our newsletter has a circulation of over 900, so it's a good way of reaching Crediton folk. We welcome adverts from any of our members wishing to promote businesses or services which are in accordance with ...

Asian Hornet Alert

Asian Hornets are an invasive species which predate upon bee colonies and other native insects, and as such can be very damaging. They are active in the summer months and may be found in southern England. Further details on identification and who to notify if spotted can be found here. Keep your ...

Lockdown Thoughts...

The best thing for me about the lockdown was the reduction in traffic in our lanes. The benefit to wild flora and fauna, and to air quality was instant and significant. People could walk and cycle in our lanes with fear of injury or death. We connected more deeply with nature and saw up close the ...

Our local food heroes!

The Covid-19 virus pandemic has been difficult for many businesses, but one good thing may have come out of it. More of us have been looking at shopping differently, buying from small independent shops, who, in this crisis have been there and so willing to help anyone in need. The local food campa ...

Simple and delicious: uncooked strawberry compote with cream

Method Slice strawberries, or cut into quarters, sprinkle with a little fresh orange juice (I tablespoon to 1lb (500g) fruit) and add caster sugar to taste. Mix thoroughly and leave for an hour or two by which time the strawberries will be resting a fragrant syrup. Serve mixed with double cream o ...

“So what do we do? Anything - something. So long as we don't just sit there. If we screw it up, start over. Try something else. If we wait until we've satisfied all the uncertainties, it may be too late.”

Lee Iacocca