Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 99

Photograph of a stream, banked by snow-covered trees

Hello All,

Another New Year, and time to say a 'thank you' to all our members for your continuing interest and support. It's easy to feel daunted by world events and news; but in these times it is more important than ever for us stay active and optimistic that change is possible. In fact, as someone once said, There Is No Alternative (though this time there really isn't).

If you are looking for something new to become involved in this year, look no further! See the first news item below.

Best wishes for 2019,

John Craythorne, on behalf of Sustainable Crediton

Dates for your Diary
11th January

Exeter Extinction Rebellion: next meeting

14th January

Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 1/2019

14th January

Pig Club 2019 planning meeting

19th January

Crediton Repair Cafe

22nd January

Crediton Garden Club: Developing a Community Garden

28th January

Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 2/2019

We will continue to coppice in the woods at Moor Farm. Moor Farm Risk Assessment Moor Farm Emergency Procedures Chainsaw Use at Moor Farm ...

28th January

Food Group Planning Meeting

The Food Group is brimming with new ideas for the New Year, but there are only three of us! Come along and help us plan some fun events and initiatives, including this year's Seed Share, on 16 March. All very welcome. ...

12th February

Sustainable Land Management: Talk

Sustainable Land Management: Presentation and discussion led by Adam Collett, BSc (Countryside Management), specialist trainer/assessor in environmental conservation and countryside management. Adam will be examining the question of how can we manage our land sustainably in a world of diverse dem ...

26th February

Crediton Garden Club: The National Gardens Scheme

2nd March

Sustainable Crediton Street Stall

16th March

Share, Grow, Eat! Sustainable Crediton Seed Share

Regular Events
In case you missed it...
10th December

Review of Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 12/2018

We worked in the new coppice area for the morning session. Then retired to the Three Little Pigs fo ...

News Highlights

New Year, New Project?

Another New Year, and perhaps you are looking for a new project to involve yourself in? If so, we would really LOVE to hear from you! Sustainable Crediton is currently dependent upon a small number of active members and our capacity for action is accordingly limited. You don't need to sit through ...

Government U Turn on Payments for Exported Renewable Energy

With the closure of the Feed-in tariff scheme for new installations of solar panels in March 2019, it was thought that future exports of electricity from new home installations from April 2019 would have to be provided free. However the Government have U-turned following fierce criticism and are no ...

Singing for Extinction Rebellion in Exeter

Extinction Rebellion is an international direct action movement seeking radical action to avert species extinction and unsustainable climate change. It is also on our doorstep, in Exeter. On 15th December, we had a very nice sing to protest about climate change in Exeter city centre even though it ...

Bin the Cling!

Reusable Beeswax food wraps - Great green alternative to tin foil and cling film. Keeps food fresh and safe during storage. Simply wash and reuse or re-pasteurise in the oven. When finally at the end of their life simply put in your compost bin. Make your own (videos online) or purchase ready ma ...

Turning up the heat on climate change: time to write to our MP

The climate crisis needs an immediate and radical response from all governments, including our own. Let's start the new year by each writing to our MP, Mel Stride, insisting on action now. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports that in order to lim ...

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Winter comfort food recipe: Crusted Cheddar Crust

Method Devonshire potatoes, cheese and butter make a delicious Cheddar crush. Boil or steam peeled potatoes until tender, drain well then crush gently with a potato masher. Season with butter, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and wholegrain mustard. Place into a buttered serving dish and top ...

“"What is opportunity, and when does it knock?" It never knocks. You can wait a whole lifetime, listening, hoping, and you will hear no knocking. None at all. You are opportunity, and you must knock on the door leading to your destiny. You prepare yourself to recognize opportunity, to pursue and seize opportunity as you develop the strength of your personality, and build a self-image with which you are able to live, with your self-respect alive and growing.”

Maxwell Maltz (US plastic surgeon, motivational author, and creator of Psycho-Cybernetics)