Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 97

Welcome to our November newletter: it hasn't been a great few weeks for sustainability, with some hard to digest news about the future prospects of so many species with which we share the planet; 60% of all vertebrates have been wiped out by human activity since 1970, according to the WWF. Some positive news locally however, with a further Sustainable Crediton clothes swap event and a further holding of the Crediton Repair Cafe. Also for those happy to make a trip to Tiverton, a screening of 'In Our Hands - Seeding Change', which looks at sustainable food production, followed by discussion: see under Dates for your Diary. I hope there is something here of interest for all our members and supporters.

John Craythorne, on behalf of Sustainable Crediton

Dates for your Diary
10th November

Crediton Diversity Festival

12th November

Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 10/2018

12th November

Sustainable Crediton Food Group

24th November

Refresh your wardrobe - and someone else's! Clothes Swap Event

26th November

Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 11/2018

27th November

In Our Hands: Seeding Change

Regular Events
In case you missed it...
29th October

Review of Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 9/2018

Frosty start, still, with a clear blue sky. A good turn out of eight in number, four chainsaws and ...

News Highlights

Crediton Repair Cafe

Crediton Repair Cafe is part of an international movement which started in Amsterdam, to provide repair services to combat 'throwaway' culture, for household items which would otherwise be cast off as irrepairable or not worth repairing. The Cafe will be held on 17th November at Crediton Methodist ...

What Happens to Some Recycled Plastics?

Since China closed its doors on importing used plastics Greenpeace have unearthed where some of our plastics end up. The UK exports around twice as much plastic packaging for recycling as it processes domestically - mostly to Asia. Between January and August 2018, the UK exported over 88,000 tonn ...

Sustainable Crediton Clothes Swap: 24 November

Come along to this sociable event at the Congregational Church, High Street Crediton EX17 3LF (opposite St Saviour's Way); enjoy coffee and cake, declutter your wardrobe and find yourself some bargains! Bring clothes suitable for swapping between 10.30am and noon. These can be men's, women's, chil ...

Fashion's Dirty Secrets

Watch as Stacey Dooley travels the world to uncover the hidden costs of the addiction to fast fashion. She sees for herself how toxic chemicals released by the garment industry pollute waterways that millions of people rely on. She witnesses the former Aral Sea, once one of the largest bodies of fr ...

Money for old toothbrushes?

People can now send off any brand of old toothbrush or toothpaste tube by post for recycling under latest TerraCycle partnership UK consumers can now post off their old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and packaging for recycling under a new partnership between dental products giant Colgate and Terr ...

Hawaiian island erased

A piece of the United States has been dramatically wiped off the map after an island in Hawaii was washed away by a powerful hurricane. East Island, a remote spit of gravel and sand that sat atop a coral reef, has vanished after having the misfortune to come into contact with Hurricane Walaka, an ...

Please sign fracking and planning petition

Fracking has now started in Lancashire, and is set to spread to other areas of the country. This is in spite of local opposition, as the Government has taken planning decisions on this issue out of the hands of local authorities. Please support the petition organised by Friends of the Earth, for l ...

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