Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 93

Photograph of the new Core Group by John Ross

The Special General Meeting held on 21 May saw an enthusiastic response to the call for a new blood to become involved in Sustainable Crediton. Some 25 people attended and were keen for SusCred to continue its work. A new Core Group was elected as follows:

Chair; Dee Ross: Treasurer; Esther Mann: Secretary; Emma Mitchell.

Other new members are: Michelle Lock: Social Media Co-Ordinator; John Craythorne: Newsletter and Membership Co-Ordinator.

Right; from left to right: John Craythorne, Dee Ross, Emma Mitchell, Michelle Lock and Esther Mann.

Read about the meeting here.

At the SGM, presentations were made to Charles Mossman and Anne Tucker in recognition of their enormous commitment and hard work to Sustainable Crediton: both are now standing down as Core Group members.


Dates for your Diary
18th June

Food Group Planning Meeting

28th June

Waste Action Group June meeting

Regular Events
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10th May

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Review of Special Annual General Meeting

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“Together Everyone really does Achieve More!”