Sustainable Crediton is in Crisis

Graphic outline of the pink flower which is the logo for Sustainable Crediton

11 years ago Sustainable Crediton, then known as Crediton Climate Action, was started by a dedicated group of volunteers. It has flourished and grown during that time and become a respected force for good in the area. However most of the initial enthusiasts who started the organisation and have helped it grow have now had to move on for very valid reasons and the organisation is in danger of collapse unless they can be replaced.

Our Core Group, which is at the heart of the organisation, is now inquorate, which means it needs new members and new energy to keep Sustainable Crediton moving forward. Can you help? Without some new lifeblood coming forward before our Special General Meeting on the 21st May it is possible that the organisation may have to be wound up and any remaining funds in the bank distributed to relevant charities and organisations working in the environmental field.

We have 700 people reading this email. You are one of them. If you have enjoyed reading our monthly newsletter and feel the organisation is of benefit to the town and beyond WILL YOU HELP?  Just an hour or two a month (maybe less) of your time could help keep Sustainable Crediton alive and flourishing. You may be thinking what is in it for me then? Working on the Core Group will offer you the chance to shape the future of Sustainable Crediton. You may learn new skills and meet new people. This may be a chance for you to make a bigger contribution to helping the environment. It can be very rewarding to organise a successful event as part of a team. You would be prolonging the life of Sustainable Crediton.

If we are not successful in recruiting some new Core Group members, including a Secretary and Treasurer, and Sustainable Crediton has to be wound up, among other things, the newsletter and website will fold and the remaining action groups working under the Sustainable Crediton banner may have to disband too due to lack of funding.

Thank you for considering our request. To find out more please contact our new Chair, Dee Ross, who will be pleased to tell you more of what is involved by clicking on her name and completing the contact form online.

Best wishes

Charles Mossman