Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 84

We were very sad to hear of the demise of the Plough and Share Credit Union during June. Many of our members had worked as volunteers at the Credit Union and it was a real shock to learn that it had closed it's doors. Somerset Savings and Loans have announced that they can accept new members from Devon.


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15th July

N Tawton plastic collection

31st July

July Waste Action Group Meeting

31st July

Core Group Meeting

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12th June

Review of Waste Action Group meeting

1) Apologies - none 2) Matters Arising Helping Ruth with Love Food Hate Waste stall at Cre ...

18th June

Review of Recycling at the Crediton Food Festival

The Food Festival was a great success with the weather staying fine and dry. If anything, the weeke ...

News Highlights

Plough & Share Credit Union is No More

We are sorry to say that the Plough and Share Credit Union which covers many parts of Devon has gone into administration. This means that there will no longer be a service operating from the Crediton Council Offices on Friday afternoons. People with savings and loans with the Credit union have al ...

Photograph of photovoltaic panels on a roof

Record Levels of Green Energy produced in June

As the sun shone on millions of solar panels and unseasonable gusts turned thousands of turbine blades on 11th June, something remarkable happened to Britain's power grid. For a brief period, a record 70% of the electricity for the UK's homes and businesses was low-carbon, as nuclear, solar and wi ...

Creedy Bridge Development Update

There has been no news regarding Gleeson's application to develop the Creedy Valley for some while. However Gleeson and MDDC have agreed to an extension of time for the determination of the planning application to the 6th October 2017 - the council were under a legal requirement to deal with the a ...

Crediton Pig Club Recipe Book Published

The Crediton Pig Club has published its first recipe booklet, in time for the Crediton Food and Drink Festival 2017. Alongside recipes for a goulash, stuffed tenderloin and Asian-inspired dishes, there are also ideas for "nose to tail" eating, such as producing your own lard to make delicious tradi ...

Take the Plastics Pledge

Plastic pollution has been called a "toxic time bomb" by the UN. Over 12 million tonnes of plastic are entering our oceans every year, and the amount is growing. There are two simple and quick ways you can act: 1. Swap single-use water bottles and coffee cups for reuseable whenever you can. Or if ...

Whelk shells - waste or treasure?

SWANSEA UNIVERSITY PROBES NEW USES FOR SHELLFISH WASTE. A report on some positive "waste" news. Quay Fresh & Frozen Foods produce 800 tonnes of crushed whelk shell waste every year, and since last December have a licence to dump some of it in the sea. Much of this is then washed up on beache ...

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Antarctic Ice Shelf Breaking Point

Exxon knew about climate change half a century ago. They deceived the public, misled their shareholders, and robbed humanity of a generation's worth of time to reverse climate change. Exxon's denial has lead to the impending break-up of one of Antarctica's biggest ice shelves. We need to make sure ...

Plough & Share Credit Union Limited goes out of business: FSCS to protect 2550 members

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has stepped in to protect members of Plough & Share Credit Union Limited, which has stopped trading. The credit union is now in default. This means it cannot re-pay deposits to its 2,550 members. FSCS will compensate all members, the vast major ...

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