Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 81

There are two major Crediton housing developments in the planning pipeline amounting to over 400 new homes. If you do not agree with these developments it is vitally important that you submit your own personal objections to the planning applications. This article tells you how.

The food group is meeting to decide its future, as numbers have dwindled. Do come and discuss this with us.

Beech Hill Community Co-operative has been providing sustainable low-cost housing for over 30 years. Some of their members were founding members of Crediton Climate Action ten years ago.In the 1990s they were forced to sell off part of their home - a self-contained flat. Now that flat is coming up for sale and they want to buy it back. If you would like to help them, please look at their crowdfunding appeal.


Dates for your Diary
6th April

Creedy Bridge Development Meeting

7th April

No Finer Life, a play by Graham Harvey, agricultural story editor of The Archers

19th April

Future of the Food Group

24th April

Core Group Meeting

25th April

The Compost Doctor- Making Compost

26th April

Waste Action Group meeting

29th April

Rethinking Power, Remaking Connection

22nd May

Core Group Meeting

15th July

N Tawton plastic collection

31st July

Core Group Meeting

16th September

N Tawton plastic collection

21st October

N Tawton plastic collection

Regular Events
In case you missed it...
6th March

Review of Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 5/2017

We continued to coppice in the woods at Moor Farm. the site tidy as this was our last visit before ...

6th March

Review of Energy Future Talk and Annual General Meeting

TALK: Our Energy Future: bright or dim? Simon Tytherleigh gave a stimulating talk on the future of ...

13th March

Review of Waste Action Group meeting

1) Present Carolyn, Esther, Anne, Chris, Polly, Bob 2) Food Sharing event Esther updated t ...

20th March

Feedback from the Core Values Meeting

27th March

Review of Woodland and Hedgerow Work Party 6/2017

Last outing of the season, coppicing. A beautiful spring day, great tits calling , buzzards mewing, ...

News Highlights

Important developments in Crediton

There are two major developments in Crediton taking place at the moment. Pedlarspool/Creedy Bridge site - planning application by Gleesons to build 330 homes, including a travellers site and primary school Details found under the planning application and associated documents. There are 45! attac ...

Sainsbury's drops bid to halve household food waste

Supermarket scales back ambition as official statistics show average family throws away £700 of food each year. To read more visit this link The Sum of Us campaigning organisation has created a petition asking Sainsbury's to stick to its original 50% target. Tell Sainsbury's to keep 50% food wast ...

Help Beech Hill Community Co-operative grow!

Beech Hill Community Co-operative has been providing sustainable low-cost housing for over 30 years - and we want to grow! In the 1990s we were forced to sell off part of our home - a self-contained flat. Now that flat is coming up for sale and we'd love to buy it back. We all pay rent, contribut ...

Crediton's Got Talent at Credfest

Following on from our song writing evening some lyrics have been made, and anyone with musical or poetic talents can contact Sarah Green (see panel on the right) if they would like to perform at Crediton's Got Talent during Credfest. The lyrics to the Sustainable Crediton song are available here. ...

£6000 Consultancy Work on Offer

The Devon new economy working group has obtained funding to employ someone to carry out a short piece of consultancy work over the next few months. The details are attached if you are interested, ie job description and background paper. Background Paper Job Description If you would like to dis ...

What's Your Plastic Footprint?

See how much plastic you generate in a year and then consider how you dispose of it. Is it recycled or sent to landfill where it takes centuries to decompose. Can you reduce your use of plastic in any ways? Do this simple quiz and join the fight against ocean plastic pollution. Greenpeace have a ...

Learning how to compost

I attended the Compost Doctor Training in March and learnt about several different ways to make compost, for example using a compost tumbler, wormery, New Zealand composter or a green cone. I never realised there were so many different ways to turn your vegetable peelings into good stuff for the ga ...

“How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”

Morgan Freeman