2nd December 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 9

Hi Everybody Welcome to the last edition of the Sustainable Crediton Newsletter for 2010. The Core Group would like to wish everyone reading this a peaceful and enjoyable festive season. The calendar section of this newsletter is becoming increasingly popular and we would like to encoura ...

31st October 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 8

Hello Everyone, I seem to say this every month but yet again we have a packed edition of the Newsletter. It is very heartening to see the number of activities Sustainable Crediton supporters are getting involved with such as the new spinning group (detailed below) that is getting underway. ...

3rd October 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 7

Hi Everyone, Autumn has well and truly arrived as I sit and write this. It is a time of year when we start thinking more about indoor activities and how we will spend the longer winter evenings. If you have some spare time this autumn and winter can I appeal to you to spend a little of it b ...

2nd September 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 6

Hello Everyone Autumn is on the doorstep and the season of plenty has arrived in the gardens and on the allotments. Our newsletter this month has somewhat of a foody theme as a result. We would like to draw your attention to the Harvest Market being organised by our members in Town Square ...

1st August 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 5

Hello Everyone With the school holidays upon us everyone's thoughts naturally turn to rest and recreation and maybe away from the on-going needs of the planet. Sustainable Crediton's Action groups are having a well deserved break from meetings this month but we are not going completely d ...

Photograph of Linda Lever at the Sustainable Crediton stall at the Food Festival
1st July 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 4

Hello Everyone, Welcome to the July Edition of our newsletter which contains reports of several events that took place in June involving Sustainable Crediton. As the summer holidays are fast approaching many of our groups are taking a well earned break, but there are lots of plans for a ...

6th June 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 3

Hello Everyone, Summer is upon us and Sustainable Crediton members are geared up for lots of practical action, so can I suggest you read this newsletter with diary in hand to note down some of the dates I know you will be interested in. Lots of thought and planning has gone into the Food ...

Photograph of speakers at a WEN meeting
29th April 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 2

Hello Everyone Welcome to the May newsletter. Sustainable Crediton has now launched our new website with its new branding. Many thanks to Jeff Bellingham and Charles Mossman for all their hard work designing it and loading the content. Do take a look and give us your opinion as well a ...

Newspaper cutting with photograph of Gerald Conyngham tearing up a letter from Tesco
31st March 2010

Sustainable Crediton Newsletter Issue 1

Hello Everyone We hope you had a good Easter and are looking forward to the new beginnings that come with spring. This is the first edition of the Sustainable Crediton Newsletter and co-incides nicely with this season of new growth and hope. Now we have our new name we are currently wor ...

Photograph of small plants growing in test tubes
8th March 2010

CCA Newsletter Issue 35

Hi Everyone, A long newsletter this month so please have patience and read to the end as it contains some very interesting and useful sections. This will be the last newsletter from Crediton Climate Action as we voted to change our name to Sustainable Crediton at our recent AGM. The reasonin ...

Photograph of a Gerald and Laura Conyngham on their arrival in Copenhagen
22nd January 2010

CCA Newsletter Issue 34

Hi Everyone, Happy New Year to all. In the aftermath of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and its lack of any real pro-active decisions, now is perhaps a good time to reflect on what we as individuals can do to influence the future of our planet. Crediton Climate Action is a local or ...