CCA's Achievements in 2009

During the course of 2009, as general events, we held a well attended 2nd birthday party and talent night in January, an AGM in Feb, and had a summer outing to the Tarka trail in June. More recently we attracted over 300 people to the Crediton Counts event in Town Square in October and sponsored and decorated a live tree at the Holy Cross Xmas Tree festival.

As a part of the wider Transition and climate debate, we sent a representative to the Transition Network and Low Carbon Network conferences in the summer and became active members of the Devon CAN network of climate action groups. We keep up a regular debate with our MP and Govt ministers and Gerald and Laura Conyngham presented our 350 pledges to our MP Angela Browning in November. They will also present them to Desmond Tutu at the Climate talks currently underway in Copenhagen.

Action Groups planted 100 fruit trees in gardens around Crediton, organised a very successful renewable Energy Day in May attended by over 300 people, and had well supported and informative stalls at the Mid Devon Show and Crediton Food Festival. WEN held a great Teddy Bears Picnic in the park in the summer and the Food Group have recently begun a programme of seasonal local suppers.

Members of the Hearts & Minds group attended talks by Satish Kumar and Joanna Macy and joined forces with the Exeter Hearts & Souls Group. Alongside all this, the Core Group hold monthly meetings and all the Action Groups meet regularly, host stalls at the Farmers Market, and are planning many more activities in 2010.

To get our message across as widely as possible our has also been extensively improved and is now regularly updated. It currently attracts more than 40 visitors a day.

We have also had regular and extensive coverage of our views and events in the local press and finally, last but not least, have created 11 issues of our newsletter which goes out electronically to almost 350 people to keep them informed and in touch.

Phew!! A pretty impressive list for an organisation that started out as the brainchild of just 4 people less than 3 years ago!

I would like to send my sincere thanks and those of the Core Group and to all our Supporters who have made this possible (and my apologies for anything or anyone I may have left out). Together we really can achieve more (TEAM) and we look forward to all that is to come for 2010 and beyond.

Paula Mossman

4th December 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 33

STOP PRESS: We've got a chance tomorrow (Sat 5th Dec) to show climate Minister Ed Milib that the deniers and sceptics don't speak for us, and keep the pressure up for action on climate change in advance of his attendance at the Climate Change talks next week.. Be part of the pressure, r ...

Photograph taken by Kate Bailey at the 350 event in Crediton in 2009
3rd November 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 32

Hi Everyone, Our headline article this month is about Crediton Counts, our action morning held in Town Square on 24th October, which was successful and inspiring. Read a full report below and look up the links to see pictures of the event and over 5,000 similar events worldwide held on ...

Picture of a Low Carbon Communities 350 bag
2nd October 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 31

Hi Everyone, Our headline item this month is of course our Crediton Counts event on October 24th. If you want to make a difference to the whole Climate Debate NOW IS YOUR CHANCE. Be part of this worldwide push to make every Government sit up and listen to the views of ordinary people. Ple ...

Picture of a Low Carbon Communities 350 bag
31st August 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 30

Hello Everyone, Our Newsletter has a circulation to over 300 email addresses and this month I am asking everyone who reads it for 2 hours of your time on October 24th. Why? Not for me, not for CCA, but for the future of our world as we know it. It is absolutely critical that the combined G ...

Photograph of a presentation at the Transition Network Conference
31st July 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 29

Hi Everyone, Another month has passed and here is another newsletter. Each time I write one I am reminded that in March 2009 we were warned by eminent scientists that we have no more than 100 months to get CO2 emissions under control world wide before climate change becomes unstoppable and ...

Photograph of the River Torridge
3rd July 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 28

Hi Everyone, I do hope you have had a chance to participate in some of the excellent Crediton Festival events during June. The whole Festival was judged to be a huge success not least the Food Festival in the Square on 13th/14th June. The Food & Farming Group of CCA put together an exc ...

Photograph of yellow flowers
28th May 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 27

Hi everyone, When putting together this newsletter I realised how many inspiring, informative and enjoyable events are going on in our community over this summer, many organised by CCA or groups we have associations with. And of course on top of all the events below we have the Crediton Fes ...

Close-up photograph of a pink flower
27th April 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 26

Hi Everyone, Spring is really here isn't it and I am torn between the computer and planting out my veggie garden! We have two great events coming up shortly and they deserve your support: the Energy Group Renewable Heat and Energy weekend and the Food Group Slow Food Weekend. The Ener ...

Close-up photograph of a daffodil
26th March 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 25

Hi Everyone, Spring is with us and another packed edition of the CCA newsletter follows. Appropriate for a spring edition, when the world comes back to life, we also welcome our newest and youngest CCA member Jessica Povey, born on 2nd March to Kate Povey who is a key member of the WEN Grou ...

Photograph of Paula Mossman at the 2009 Birthday party
26th February 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 24

Hi Everyone, Here is the CCA Newsletter for Feb/ March packed as usual with news, and reports on whats happening with CCA. We had a great 2nd birthday party at the end of January and look forward to our AGM in March. Many thanks to those of you who came to and helped with the party an ...

Close-up photograph of haw frost on a branch
24th January 2009

CCA Newsletter Issue 23

Hi Everyone, There is no doubt that CCA is growing rapidly and our influence as an organisation is being felt in Crediton. A good sign that we are making a difference is when the critics start to pop up from the undergrowth and take pot shots at us, as they have been doing in that well know ...