A look back at 2008

As 2008 started with panic over food prices, the world seemed to be waking up to global warming. But then the recession hit. Change, but at what price?

A Reason to be Cheerful

Country Life magazine voted Devon the best place to live in the UK in 2008 for the second time!

Key to this win was a 1st in the food category. Devon took the local food category easily with more than half again the number of local producers as Somerset.

Devon was beaten in the health rankings by Rutland, England's smallest county, but Devon also had the best Green credentials with Dorset a close second.

Close-up photograph of a cup-cake
12th December 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 22

Hello Everyone, As previously this newsletter has an attached in PDF format. Thank you to Jeff Bellingham for his fantastic work on this. November and early December have been a packed time for CCA activities with a showing of the film Energy Crossroads, the very successful WEN Gorgeous ...

14th November 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 21

Hi everyone, The information here is sent to me by many CCA members and when I collated it this month I realised just how fast CCA is growing and how wide we are beginning to spread our net of influence within the Crediton community. We have 3 great events coming up in the next 4 weeks wh ...

18th October 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 20

Hi Everyone, In November we have 3 big dates for your diary: the launch of Plastic Bag Free Crediton on Nov 1st, a showing of the brand new film ENERGY CROSSROADS on Nov 19th and the WEN Big Green Event on Nov 29th. There are also several requests for ideas and help where you can be of a ...

12th September 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 19

Hi everyone, We have some great events open to everyone coming up over the next few weeks and we would really like your presence and input into them. Please see the diary below for outline details. Thank you for reading this and for taking action where you can. Paula ...

10th August 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 18

Hi Everyone I thought I would begin this holiday month by passing on a bit of good climate related news sent in by Julie Barrie - thanks Julie: A giant kite like sail billowed out in front of MS Beluga SkySails, as she set out on her maiden voyage from Germany to Venezuela. Following rou ...

13th July 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 17

Hi Everyone Our newsletter is now going out to over 210 people but we would like it to be more as there are over 6,000 people in Crediton alone without all the outlying villages. So if you know of anyone who might like to receive it, please let me know their email address (after checking wi ...

18th June 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 16

Hi Everyone This week, for the first time EVER, it cost me over £60 to fill the tank of my car with diesel. I am pretty sure Peak Oil has arrived and it spurs me on into taking ACTION to get the Crediton area up and running as a vibrant, exciting and effective Transiton Town AS SOON AS POSS ...

30th May 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 15

THE GREAT NEWS FOR THIS ISSUE IS THAT CREDITON IS NOW OFFICIALLY A TRANSITION TOWN After many months of threatening to become one CCA have now completed all the criteria necessary and been officially accepted!! Gerald Conyngham, our CCA Steering Group chair, has written a short piece you wi ...

30th April 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 14

Hello Everyone, Some General News First: Congratulations to CCA supporter Nancy Dowling who has recently completed her first marathon, the Shakespeare Marathon in Oxfordshire, in under 5 hrs. Nancy completed the 26 + miles in aid of Crediton Arts Centre. Its not too late to sponsor Nancy ...

11th April 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 13

Hi Everyone, A Big THANK YOU to all the people who supported the showing of Message in the Waves and also the Reclaim Crediton For Cycling events last month. They were both great successes. More information later. As usual plenty to report this time so read on...... Very Best wishes ...

19th March 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 12

Hi Everyone, SPRING is in the air today! LOTS happening again this time which always encourages me that we are moving, however slowly, towards our goals. READ ON ......... HAVE A GREAT EASTER AND EAT PLENTY OF FAIRTRADE CHOCLATE!! Paula ...

2nd March 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 11

Hello Everyone I am excited by this edition of the Newsletter. WHY? - because there is so much beginning to happen in Crediton related to CCA. Perhaps it is because spring is in the air, perhaps it is as a result of our Open Space Day and growing awareness of climate change and peak oil. ...

12th February 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 10

Hello to everyone, This is my 10th newsletter since taking over this job and one packed full of information and news so I would encourage you to read it from end to end. Paula ...

22nd January 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 9

Hi Everyone As a few people have sent me in dates for events in the near future I am putting together this newsletter hot on the back of the last one. It is great to be able to pass on all this good information and could I please ask anyone who would like an event promoted in this newsle ...

13th January 2008

CCA Newsletter Issue 8

Hi everyone, Happy New Year and thankyou to all those people who sent me Xmas and New Year good wishes. Paula ...